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Malu Voss, owner of Malu Voss Jewelry: “I was dreaming of luxury products at an affordable price”

We all have someone we think of when we hear the word ‘stylish’. I have some instantly top of mind when I think of an innate sense of style. Of course, in the first place, our Queen Maxima. The combination of her fashion sense, gracious appearance and access to the most beautiful jewelry, ensure that she always looks to get through a ring. Besides Maxima, another Latin American power woman I have to think about is jewelry designer (and good friend!) Malu Voss. In 2021 she launched her first jewelry collection under the name Malu Voss Jewelry, and it was exceptionally well received worldwide. Who is Malu Voss, where does she get her inspiration from, and what are her dreams?

Luxury at an affordable price

Malu Voss was born in Brazil and quickly became a real woman of the world. She lived with her family in Dubai and the Netherlands and also maintained contact with a global network. She has a background in interior design but decided a while ago to step into the world of jewelry. How come? “For years, I had the dream to set up a brand where I can empower women and make them feel special. When I noticed that beautiful jewelry is often financially out of reach for most women, it lit a fire in me. What if I can develop a jewelry line where women can experience a sense of luxury but at an affordable price? It was the way for me to combine my passions: empowering women and making luxury jewelry,” says Malu.


Malu gets the inspiration for Malu Voss Jewelry from the people around her, the places she goes and the journeys she makes. “For the Anna Crossover bracelet, I got my inspiration from the three crosses of the city coat of arms of Amsterdam. I also look closely at what women need and what they want to wear every day. All our jewelry is for everyday use. Everyday Luxury!”


Although Malu chooses to develop affordable products, she absolutely does not want to compromise on quality. “All Malu Voss Jewelry is made with premium materials. For example, the gold jewelry is provided with a 14-karat gold plating of no less than three layers. The silver products contain a powerful combination of sterling silver and the rare precious metal rhodium. People don’t expect that when they see our prices.”


I, Mara, have also added two products from Malu Voss Jewelry to my jewelry collection. I bought the Anna crossover bracelet myself; the Layla ring was a gift. I get a lot of positive reactions to the Layla ring, which you wear on two fingers. Women regularly ask me where the ring comes from and whether it fits well. To this last question, I can answer with complete conviction that it is super comfortable! It is crucial that you wear it on your ring and middle finger so you retain all the functionality of your fingers. I usually wear my Anna crossover bracelet next to my watch. It also matches very nicely with my wedding and engagement ring.

Dream big

Malu Voss is an up and coming name that we are sure to hear a lot from! “I love doing business. It is so nice to be able to create in complete freedom and to follow my vision. Malu Voss Jewelry will soon be for sale in most major webshops. I also dream that in five years, my jewelry will be available to women all over the world. I dare to dream big, and I also have my family behind me in this. They always support me and even think along in the creative process. A very nice base.”


We are proud to announce that we are organizing a giveaway with Malu Voss Jewelry. This is how you participate:

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